Five Types of Shirts Every Man should have in His Wardrobe

Shirts are undoubtedly one of the most versatile and ubiquitous types of clothing. They come in different styles making them a must-have item in any man’s wardrobe. Here are some of the most classic shirt types.

OCBD shirt

The Oxford-cloth button-down shirt is a timeless shirt type. It typically has a button-down collar and thicker fabric. What’s great about it is that other than being perfect for casual settings,they also work well in several dress codes. You can wear it at the office or at a wedding.

Dress shirt

Simple yet elegant,dress shirts are characterized by its pointed or cutaway collar and double cuffs. They are typically worn with tuxedo or three-piece suit. This is a must have if you frequently attend formal evening events. Simply,it’s a modern gentleman’s staple.

Cuban collar shirt

Cuban collar shirts have short sleeves and open collars. They are perfect summer wear as they are stylish and comfortable. Unlike the classic OCBD and dress shirts,this type comes in virtually all sorts of colors and designs. Wear it when attending beach events,festivals,or just a casual afternoon at the pub.


An overshirt is literally a shirt you wear over another shirt (a t-shirt or button-down). It is simple yet versatile and can be used as a layering item for when it’s cold. Neutral colors are excellent for daytime activities while darker ones are good for a night out. Pair them with jeans and boots.

Flannel shirt

Flannel shirts are the best buddy of stylish men who live in cold climates. The fabric is soft but thick,providing the necessary warmth for the body. They usually come in checkered patterns but there are plain ones as well. This casual classic never fails to give off that handsome outdoor look.

There are many other types of shirts you can see in lifestyle select stores such as Ka-pok. If you want to stay stylish while staying comfortable and true to your personality,the above-mentioned shirt types must be part of your wardrobe.

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